travel plans for ASA meeting (a bulletin board)

From: Craig Rusbult <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 01:15:51 EDT

    This post is about a general resource for everyone, and the second
post is a specific question by me.

    Here is the general resource:
    Terry Gray has set up an electronic bulletin board that will be
used for communication and networking among ASA members, and I think
it will be very useful. Technically it works fine, but (regarding
content) it's in an "under construction" stage with good plans for
LATER but not much happening now. But one feature that may be useful
now is the "Annual Meeting Ride Board" to help you coordinate with
other people in making travel plans.
    Currently, in this forum I've started five threads with different
focal points.

    Vancouver Airport: Do you want to share a shuttle? (to get the
discount for "5 or more people" or just to be good stewards by using
fuel more efficiently) Or do you want to rent a car, and offer rides
or share costs? Or...?
    Seattle-Tacoma Airport: Do you want to share the cost of a rental
car? Or...?
    Residents of Washington/Oregon: If you're driving up I-5 from
Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, or further south, are you
willing to offer a ride, or would you like to get a ride? Or...?
    During the meeting: Do you want to find a roommate? (The ASA
office says they'll try to match people, and they usually do, but
they can't guarantee it.) Or...?
    After the meeting: Do you want to split the costs of a motel?
(in Vancouver, Seattle,...) Do you want to share an adventure in
Vancouver, Victoria, Alaska, Seattle, Olympic Rain Forest,...?
[Rides back to the airports will probably be handled at the meeting.]

    Or if you have a request (or an offer) that doesn't fit into any
of these categories, start your own thread.

    To use the Ride Board forum, you'll have to register (with a
Username and Password) and it's open to anyone, so keep that in mind
when providing personal information. The URL for the BB is

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