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> In regard to marriage, family, and state, the key issue is one's
> doctrine of
> God and government. If our political
> loyalty goes exclusively to God's kingdom (which is the normative
> Christian
> position), then our obedience also goes exclusively to his laws
> (i.e.,
> biblical instruction). Your lord is the one whose laws you obey.
> I build my understanding on these grounds (see below), which leaves
> no room
> for a state in rebellion against God's law on marriage to be obeyed.
> This
> includes any state laws that go beyond biblical law, for God
> prohibits both
> taking away from and adding to his law. Furthermore, God's law makes
> no
> provision for community involvement in marriage other than possibly
> to judge
> family disputes, and that assumes the civil court is under God's
> law. Such a
> state court cannot be found in the developed world today.
> Dennis Feucht
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Your first paragraph runs into trouble with I Peter 2:13ff; Titus 3:1;
Romans 13:1ff. Only when the state directly demands disobedience to God's
command (where is the express command about marriage?) is one to reject
the state and take the penalty. I have not encountered a passage that
advocates anarchy, though there are some that describe near anarchy.

This, with not "taking away from or adding to his law" means that you are
disobeying God if you do not stone adulterers or homosexuals. I expect
you, therefore, to stone to death the next individuals you know involved
in either of these sins and to accept the condemnation and legal penalty
for the first degree murder.

Are you wrong in selectively citing scripture and twisting it to your
intent, deliberately disobedient, or it was nice to know you?
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