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Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 14:58:33 EDT

From: "Howard J. Van Till" <hvantill@sbcglobal.net>

> That's why I would have just as much fear of a government teamed up with
> Christian fundamentalism as I would of a government teamed up with Islamic
> or Jewish fundamentalism.
> Separation of institutional religion from governmental power is, I
> essential to human survival. Let us work toward a thoroughly secular and
> pluralistic government dedicated to the equal protection of people of all
> religious affiliations, all national/ethnic origins, all socioeconomic
> ranks, etc.
> When the state beds down with one institutional religion at the exclusion
> others, both the state and religion are, I believe, likely to become
> corrupted in the long run. Intoxication with state power to enforce
> religious conformity is likely to corrupt religion, and exploitative
> for divine warrant for governmental action is likely to corrupt

The real issue for me is whether the government submits itself to the
authority of Christ or not and governs by biblical law or not. No
nation-state on earth really does today. All are in rebellion against
Christ. Consequently, the Enlightenment ideals of fraternity, equality, etc.
have no stable social base, as is quickly becoming evident in N. America.
The kingdom to which we belong, though not visibly established yet on earth,
is our norm for good government and is the standard gainst which the
existing ones are measured and fall short. Consequently, it is tempting for
Christians to settle for a idealistic humanism, but it is possible to opt
for true biblical government instead, though no real examples currently
exist. They have in the past, as in the early American colonies, so the
precedent has been set.

Your points about government abuse are, of course, well taken regarding
church and state in our setting. But what can one expect in the long run of
a government in which the highest moral authority is "we the people" and not
the word of God?

Dennis Feucht
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