Re: sharia law allowed in Ontario

From: Denyse O'Leary <>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 13:48:18 EDT

  John W Burgeson wrote:
>>>Ontario, a Canadian province that
> allows same-sex marriages, now also allows
> sharia law. Sharia is said to be voluntary, but,
> as the article shows, there are practical
> problems with such a claim when the lives of
> enclosed women are considered.>>
> Gadzooks! The world continues to become more crazy.
>>>It is very difficult just now for governments in
> Canada to decide what they stand for. They only
> know what they do not stand for - Christianity!>>
> I understand that claim, but I don't know any grounds for it. Do you?

Well, in Canada, diversity rules, except for the
fact that there have been many examples of
explicit discrimination against Christianity.

Years ago, I wrote an article for Christianity
Today that provides useful information for any
who care.

If I had time, I could update it with lots of
fresh material, as things have actually become
significantly worse.

For example, see the attached item in the
Western Standard:

which explains the way in which Canadian human
rights courts are explicitly designed to get
around the need for the usual safeguards in the
administration of justice. These courts have
resulted in a number of decisions that affect

>>>It is difficult for them to say no to any other
> scheme, and they will not likely be able to
> mediate conflicts between, say, sharia and
> same-sex marriage.>>
> What conflicts do you have in mind?

Well, it strikes me that the main problem that
the Canadian government will have is this:

Once it is dealing with groups that are by
definition not Christians (in which case, it can
just decide against the Christians), it will be
unable to choose sides on the basis of any
public values and therefore will lose authority.

For example, sharia law prescribes various
penalties for homosexuals, mostly grim. The
Canadian government has been aggressive in
promoting the gay agenda.

As sharia law grows, there will be more
pressure, as there already is in France, for
criminal as well as civil cases to be judged by
sharia law. What happened in France is that
sharia began to be carried out informally ... I
will try to find the reference again and post it.

Birth rates alone suggest that the Muslim lobby
will become bigger than the gay lobby over time.

If the Muslim lobby is bigger than the gay
lobby, the Canadian government will probably
just try to avoid the issues that will be raised
if sharia is applied informally against Muslim

But that raises the question, what good is a
government that taxes hugely and sometimes just
gives the money to its friends but has no value
base from which it can maintain public order
according to any particular system.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


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