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From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 13:03:39 EDT

Dennis posted: "I have found that these two words (liberal &
conservative) have lost any substantial cognitive meaning and are best
discarded as part of the history of a false dielectic intended to
distract the people from the actual opposing polarities, top versus

Hmm. But people DO use them all the time. They just mean different things
by them, and one needs to cut through the word and ask what they mean.

On the Hannity radio program this week a lady was using the term
"liberal" in an obviously pejorative manner, as she expressed her undying
affection for W. When pressed to explain what she meant by it she
answered "The commie Democrats." One need not agree with her to, then,
understand what she meant. <G>

As a somewhat liberal person (in the good sense, I hope), what does "top
and bottom" mean? The wealthy & the poor? The educated and the
uneducated? The rational and the irrational? Is that designation used in
a serious sense elsewhere? I have not seen it before.


Ubi Caritas

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