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Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 17:20:16 EDT

From: "John W Burgeson" <>

   "1984" is not here yet; it is coming. Orwell just got the date wrong.

John, how quickly do you think "1984" will be upon us?

The Anglo-American power elite, who have plodded along incrementally in
their conquest of the world
through the 20th century, are now becoming less patient and more obvious,
talking to the public about a New World Order; even Skull & Bones is making
mainstream news. The war on terror is a perfect excuse for a Reichstag-like
event to claim the need for FEMA to take over
and manage the emergency. Insiders claim that the CIA and other covert
organizations have metastasized throughout Washington and that it would be
easier to start a new government than to try to extricate these many secret
networks of activity. Iran-Contra was only a small glimpse of a much larger
world of geopolitical activities in the shadows. Something's got to give,
indications are that it will be soon, this decade perhaps.

Now here's the larger question: Is it possible that as Christians and
scientists/engineers/scholars who have been blessed by God with somewhat
more talent than many people are given, that we are failing in our duty
under these circumstances to make the problem of what we, as Christians,
should do about it a higher priority?

At the 1984 ASA Annual Meeting, Herb Schlossberg, ex-CIA analyst, was
keynote speaker and made some astute observations, but admitted he had
little to recommend in terms of what the church should do.

My point is that few of even the American Christian intelligensia seem to
know their own time. Maybe ASAers are more alert, but I wouldn't know. My
last ASA Annual Meeting talk (at Gordon C. in MA) broached one aspect of
this subject. Easily verifiable information - connections, for instance,
between the UN Environment Program and local counties - seemed
rather incredulous to at least one outspoken ASA environmentalist in the

Besides people like Glenn Morton, ASA seems "tuned out" to these
larger forces at work in our stretch of history. It's not exactly
science-religion as such, but certainly impacts both science and religion.

Dennis Feucht
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