Re: Church-State -- some history

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 11:30:05 EDT

Wally wrote, in part:

"As it stands, you Libbers create a powerful central government and then
all over the place when a Right Winger gets in and uses that power. It
be better to limit that power in the first place IMHO."

We can probably agree on that last part, Wally.

BTW -- what is a "Libber?" If you are going to call me one I need to
understand your meaning.

Wally also wrote: "For one thing, we now have to reissue all the
dictionaries since nobody ever heard of such a concept in the past
history of mankind. Comparing it to civil rights movements just obscures
the real motivations."

First sentence, true.
second sentence, pejorative.

The same-gender couples I know (several) have only the motivations to be
allowed to assume the responsibilities and enjoy the rights of
different-gender couples. No more, no less.

Wally again: "There was an article in USA today about the lack of "safety
nets" for gay couples in the "golden years". This has been a recurring
theme in the news up here in Kennedyland. The reason that they want
marriage so badly is that then they too can dip into the Social Security

God bless Ted Kennedy. Sometimes I agree with him. Sometimes not. The
fact that you have to use his name as a pejorative says a lot. I
understand. Sometimes I call our president the Shrub. It is not a pet

Social Security is one factor in the debate. I don't know that it is a
particularly large one. I have seen economic analyses that argue that
when the US adopts same-gender marriage country wide, there will be net
savings overall. Whether those analyses hold water I do not know. I would
not argue pro or con on the basis of economics, of course; abolishing
slavery was probably a net economic loss to the country (certainly was to
some Southern farmers, including a great great uncle of mine).


Ubi Caritas

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