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Glenn Morton wrote:

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> > That also applies to fission reactors for the next 5 decades.

> I think you mean fusuion reactors.


> No doubt, but regardless of what the
> price of oil does this year, whether it stays high and goes higher or
> drops because OPEC does produce more oil, the day is soon coming when
> OPEC will have no more spare capacity. We have to do something.


> >
> > The number that _could_ be built far exceeds zero. The time
> > to start is now but some people will probably wait until we
> > the crisis is upon us ==> and some are just waiting for fission :-)

I meant fusion again

> Agreed. But we will have to go through the political process first of
> blaming the oil companies. I saw a conservative think tank lawyer say
> that we should take OPEC to court under the anti-trust laws. Sarcastic
> mode on: That will change the laws of physics for sure!!!! [sarcastic
> mode off] I have seen other reports claiming that the oil industry is
> not putting oil on the market to increase prices and get more profits.
> The demigogues of politics will pursue that agenda if they think it is
> to their advantage. That will slow down the solutions, if any, to the
> coming oil supply problem. Look, 2 years ago when California was having
> blackouts a town voted NOT to build an electrical generating plant in
> their town, even if it would give them first crack at the electricity.
> I think the demogogues have a ready field for exploitation among the
> populace.

Back in the 1970's when there was a real crisis and long gas lines, people
changed. Little cars came to be popular for quite a while. I'm certain that
will happen again. Also I am convinced that fission nukes will rise for a
while and that countries will pursue fusion. All this will be in response to
crisis as it always is. The forces are inevitable.

In the meantime, I still invite you join our gloom-out team in the next
competition. ;-)


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