Re: Dangers of peak oil

From: Innovatia <>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 16:30:58 EDT

Glenn Morton,

Three questions, if I may:

1. I recall from somewhere that the south China Sea has not been explored
much. Where, if any, are the places on earth that have yet to be

For instance, this Vermont-sized country of Belize on the southern Yucatan
peninsula has not a single oil well, while eastern Mexico has many oil or
gas wells.

> Most of the world's untapped reserves are in the hands of
> state-owned oil companies in the Middle East.

2. Is politics a factor in keeping exploration from places with potentially
large discoveries?

> As oil fields get old, the rate the oil comes
> up the borehole gets smaller and smaller. This is because the pressure
> in a new field is high and in an old field it is low. Pressure
> differentials are what drive the oil up the wellbore. It takes lots
> longer to get the 2nd half of the oil than it does the first half.

3. As I recall, M. King Hubbert's production-rate curves looked symmetrical,
like a bell curve. The rates took as long to reach the peak as to decline.
Is this because the curve was simplified for analytical purposes, or is
there some reason other than high differential pressure that keepa a new
well from reachin the peak flow rate for a while?


Dennis Feucht
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