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> Maybe you should find out. even get to know some of these guys. You might
> find out that (1) they don't wear horns and (2) some of them might be
> passing intelligent.

Perhaps you could do the same for some conservatives. Of course, the loudest liberals and conservatives are generally those who aren't interested in listening, and noise gets more publicity and airtime.

I've had a few conversations with a former UNC-Chapel Hill religion graduate student. He became a former graduate student shortly after he called into question a professor's stated goal of deconstructing the faith of students and replacing it with postmodernism. There are plenty of intolerant liberals seeking to impose their ways on everyone, just as there are plenty of intolerant conservatives seeking to impose their ways on everyone.

Returning to Bierce's definition of conservative and liberal (politician enamoured with existing evils, or wishing to replace them with new ones), although overly cynical, it does raise an important issue. Neither the old nor the new is necessarily better. Society is composed of fallen humans, and will not be perfect, though it's worth trying to improve. Some criterion must be used to decide what is Progress and what is Going Bad, as Lewis points out in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

For example, is increased flexibility in the definition of marriage a good or bad thing? Homosexuality is the particular version making the news, but there are many other possibilities as well. Would-be polygamists in Utah are appealing to the same legal decisions:
Should we be liberal or conservative about this? Why?

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