RE: Moorad's assumed time line

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 16:28:50 EDT

At 03:17 PM 20/05/2004 -0400, Alexanian, Moorad wrote:
>If science deals with the physical aspect of the universe, then the
>subject matter of science is data that can, in principle, be collected by
>purely physical devices. That is my definition of science. Of course, if
>what is life cannot be reduced to the physical, then ‚€œlife‚€ cannot be
>detected by purely physical devices. Note that living things or being can
>be detected by purely physical devices but the essence of what life is
>would be outside of the purview of science. Certainly, one can collect the
>same data by different means. What is new? I would change my commitment if
>someone puts forward a more compelling definition of what science is!

After much hesitation, I'll try once more. No "science" can work with
strictly, purely physical devices. Data have to be compared with other
data to arrive at any result.
Also, there are many definitions of science. As a follower of Christian
philosophy taught by Vollenhoven in Netherlands, one can talk about
Theological science. Hiowever, all our actions and all our studying are
based on our basic Philosophy of life, which for Christians is founded on
the Biblical truth, that we are men. Like Adam we are full of sin in our
actions and in our thinking. But, thanks to Christ's death on the cross,
our life may be bent to following Christ. That influences all our
actions. Our studying as well. But, physics, chemistry, mathematics etc
we study in a different way, though we know that God must lead us in those
subjects as well.
We know that God acts in nature, so doing as if physics is a study dealing
with stationary subjects is not true to the facts in which God deals with
the natural creation. There is always a development, even in a piece of
metal. We can measure the result of these actions in time. Resulting from
the measuring at different times, etc. and combining it with other
measurements we can see that there is change, evolution going on. Those
changes can be measured, noted, and compared over time.
Physicists should forgive me my very simple way of telling what they do. I
am not a physicist, if anything I am a mathematician, who loved to study
the Bible and Philosophy.

Jan de Koning
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