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Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 11:17:03 EDT

The best example to illustrate what I am saying is forensic science. Here one collects data that are studied by means of experimental sciences and used as evidence provided to the district attorney for possible prosecution. The district attorney forms a historical timeline wherein he fits in the evidence he has. It is on the basis of that timeline that the prosecutor seeks to indict a person by presenting the case in court.


In cosmology, the timeline is provided by mathematical models based on the Hilbert-Einstein equations of general relativity and solved assuming symmetries by the Russian meteorologist and mathematician Aleksandr Friedmann. In historical geology, evolutionary theory, etc. there are no mathematical models and so the workers in those fields fit the data also in an assumed timeline.



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        Moorad alleges that historical science "fits events into an assumed timeline."
        What evidence/arguments does he have that Cosmologists have an assumed timeline - beginning about 10-15 by years ago or that the geological timescale from the formation of the earth 4.6 b.y. base of the Cambrian at 550m.y. is an assumed timeline?
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