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Physics is an experimental science and the historical science that has the most physicists working in it is cosmology. Cosmology, like any other historical science, is akin to forensic science where one uses results from the experimental sciences like physics, chemistry, etc. in order to fit in past events into an assumed timeline. Note that cosmology is a very mathematically based historical science, viz. it is based on mathematical models of the universe that make predictions. I really doubt that evolutionary theory will ever be like that.





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> Let us not confuse disciplines and their subject matters. The statement
        concerning the”earth's sphericity and heliocentricity” are scientific
        statements that can be readily verified by experimental science. However,
        the question of evolution is the subject matter of a historical science. The
        latter are based on experimental science plus a particular assumption
        detailing the timeline of earth or the universe. There are many more people
        that make our faith ridiculous specially those who practice the worst of
        sin, pride.
        This is plain wrong. You say "a historical science. The latter are based on
        experimental science plus a particular assumption detailing the timeline of
        earth or the universe." There is no assuming of the timeline of earth or
        universe. This is the standard attempt to rubbish standard geological and
        astronomical time by falsely alleging that vast ages are an "assumption".
        They are a CONCLUSION not an ASSUMPTION, and in fact geologists in the 17th
        and 18th centuries began with the ASSUMPTION of a young earth and had to
        modify it upwards and slowly the timescale as we have it today developed.
        Remember that there is not only the sin of pride but also of false
        witness -9th commandment - i.e. not telling the truth.
        I would suggest that before you say anything else like this you check out
        exactly how "deep" time was worked out in the first place and the starting
        Also note that your parody of historical science is shared by the pressure
        group in Ohio, who has spoken a lot of false nonsense and caused havoc in
        science teaching.
        P.S. any comments Craig
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