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Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:23:26 EDT

> >>Many young Christians are totally unprepared to go to college and
> confront the liberal trends that permeate higher education.>>
> Very true.
> You write as if "liberal trends" were a "bad" thing.
> They include, of course, such ideas as female suffrage, Civil Rights, end
> of Jim Crow laws, repeal of laws against inter-racial marriage, rights of
> females to higher education, rights of females and minorities to contend
> for high positions in politics and business, rights of children such as
> Billy Gobitas to refrain from a flag salute (the silence on this list on
> that case is deafening), the right to question authority, etc. etc.

Well, I suppose for one individual to speak out doesn't make the silence less than deafening, but
I agree that Billy Gobitas and others who would prefer not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance
have a right to refrain. And though I consider myself a conservative,
I agree that all the advances you list above are truly advances that -- sadly -- were
not supported initially by most conservatives. There was a time in the not
to distant past when today's conservatives were referred to as liberals because
they espoused individual freedom as opposed to Government control
> I am thankful to my parents for being "liberal" enough to set me straight
> at an early age. They may have been "yellow dog Republicans," but they
> understood this stuff.
> There is a reason why colleges and universities are "liberal," you know.
> It is because they have had to wrestle with the hard problems.
> Burgy
> Ubi Caritas
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