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I believe you are giving too much credit to successes that are not due to
“liberal” actions. Certainly, Martin Luther King was not a liberal and his
efforts were totally based on Christian principles. It is a fact that the
administrative and academic departments, mainly in the non hard science
departments, are in the hands of people who see the wrongs done by some
Americans as reflecting bad towards the whole of the US. Such people are
undermining our nation and have learned nothing from the failed experiment
that was the Soviet Union.

        I am no expert on the theology of MLK but I think that his theology
could be classified as "liberal" in the sense in which the term is used with
some accuracy of theological positions - which of course doesn't carry all
the negative connotations of its popular sense. (Theological conservatives
often do not speak the word "liberal" but spit it.) If I remember
correctly, King did his doctrinal dissertation on some aspects of the
theology of Tillich.

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