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Dick Fischer wrote:

  It is not simply whether God can know what choices we will make in any given circumstances. He must virtually know the location and action of every molecule, every atom, every particle from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch! Is that knowable?

  If we assume the future is knowable, and God knows it, then His personal action in nature is unnecessary. If the future cannot be known, then only God's personal involvement can bring about a desired result. And I don't think Calvin had the answer to that.

Yes, the universe has a mathematically chaotic quality to it and this would certainly require that God know his creation. Chaos theory (nonlinear dynamics) shows that qualitatively different outcomes can ocur from near-infinitessimal differences in initial conditions. That is, outcomes are very sensitive to past conditions, but chaos theory is - and this is the important point - deterministic. Consequently, even in a world described by chaos theory, the given argument would still apply.


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