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From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 21:44:40 EDT

> May I recommend you check out the following website which provide valid
> and critical analysis of Dinosaur's age by a Christian paleotologist.

This is a very thorough website.

However, Glen Cuban is not a trained paleontologist (unless he has
obtained a degree recently). He is completely self trained as a
paleontologist. Glen became interested in the Paluxy "man tracks"
claim and decided to investigate it himself. He spent a number of
years, much effort, and many hours documenting all of the trackways,
carefully drawing them and making latex molds. In the end he
determined that the "giant man tracks" were metatarsal dinosaur prints.
  They have now been recognized at sites worldwide. His detailed
observations were published in an influential symposium volume on
fossil trackways.

One of the many interesting aspects of this story is that the YEC
creationists who publicized the "man tracks" never bothered to
seriously study them. They also steadfastly refused to participate in
the work that was done by Glen and by Johnny Hastings. Similarly, no
professional paleontologists looked at them seriously because YEC
claims were so manifestly ridiculous that the features themselves were
deemed either forgeries (which some were) or insignificant.


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