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Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 17:18:23 EDT

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> There you go again! Beating the same old drum.

I like that drum. :-)
> The possibility of fusion being the solution to the energy
> problem seems
> pretty remote. We have not even priced out what a sustainable
> source of fusion energy would cost. The notion is already so
> costly that takes a group of nations just to fund an
> experiment (in comparison to the low development cost of
> fission reactors).

Then we better go solar in a very big way.

> Fission is here today and I doubt that fusion will ever rival
> it in cost. Instead of solving the problem with technology
> that exists today, you advocate a questionable approach.
> And yes I have seen you web site calculations. If your
> figures are correct, given the cost per KWH delivered, there
> is no economic reason to not use fission right now. It is
> faster, cheaper (?), and much, much readily available than
> fusion -- if that ever happens at all. IMO

Don't have a problem with fission, I just don't think we can get there
from here. We very well may not be able to do it with fusion. But oil
is going away by the end of this century and there will be many many
shortages in this half of this century.

I can do better than your Red Sox. The Texas Rangers always start out
great than tank in July. I don't think the Red sox do that tease
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