Re: Peeved at the pump

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 18:06:47 EDT

> Sorry to have slipped into such vitriolic sarcasm. I do get rather
> tired of 'solutions' which don't solve a thing and I still contend,
> Howard, that the poor can't afford 75 dollars to fill up a gas tank once
> a week and at the same time afford a 12,000 GBP car, especially when in
> Britain the government taxes both items to the hilt.

Come on Glenn, this is sheer exaggeration! I think I have lived in Britain
longer than you have so I can say that you are not accurate.
Who do you mean by the poor? Here there is a high level or car ownership and
where I used to live in N Wales hardly a rich area and in inner city
Liverpool before that, most had cars. Granted they were not 12,000 cars
(that would buy you a one year old Ford Contour/Mondeo and a continental
holiday for a couple) Yes the poor have older cars - 8-12 years old but even
some ASA members don't have new ones!! We have two cars a 96 Mondeo (106K on
the clock) and a midget 2001 Peugeot, which are fine for us and we might get
5000 if we traded them in.
For $75 we would get a good 500 miles of motoring in, which is a lot over
here, even living in the country.
Alos dont forget that in towns many use public transport to get to work.

The thing I find hard is a gas guzzler getting some 10 mpg or even a
moderate 4X4 getting 20. Also think of the fuel wasted by automatics.

We have just done a round trip of 450 miles which used less than 45 gas and
most of that was cruising at 80 mph. Now if we had a large US car it would
have cost us 90 or even a Range Rover, which is a ridiculous vehicle

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