Re: Peeved at the pump

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 17:08:28 EDT

On 5/15/04 12:38 PM, "Glenn Morton" <> wrote:

> Sorry to have slipped into such vitriolic sarcasm.

No problem. Candor get things on the table quickly.

> I do get rather
> tired of 'solutions' which don't solve a thing and I still contend,
> Howard, that the poor can't afford 75 dollars to fill up a gas tank once
> a week and at the same time afford a 12,000 GBP car, especially when in
> Britain the government taxes both items to the hilt.

OK, then some clever person like yourself could devise a gas tax credit
system for low income households. There are already a zillion other kinds of
credits to check out on the 1040 forms. Why not add one more?

> You can't ensure
> that taxes would go for anything in energy and even if it did, the
> government usually funds uneconomic forms of energy which means a waste
> of energy. Once a government has taxes, they use the taxes for other
> things. In Texas they said we would use the lottery for education. Only
> part of it was used for education. Can't trust a politician to keep his
> word. Thus taxing merely removes money from people's pockets and does
> little of value.

The problem you identify here is not a specific problem with a gasoline tax,
but a larger problem with the way in which a government is held accountable
for its use of our tax dollars.

Given your dislike for what I have proposed as one way (taxation) to deal
with the problem of people failing to understand the Value of oil, what is
your solution? Or is there none?

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