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>The most discouraging aspect of running out of oil to me is that oil is
also used to make plastics. Nobody seems to be
>talking about running out of plastics, but that could also have some
significant consequences. I am not enough of a
>chemical engineer to know whether the plastics industry could switch
present processes to be fed by ethanol instead. I
>suspect it would require some major changes in the plastics industry.
Perhaps that would result in the discovery of new
>kinds of ethanol-based plastics that otherwise wouldn't have been

I would be more worried about running out of fertilizer, which is made
from natural gas which is also getting short in North America and unless
we build LNG plants, we will have problems getting into this country. I
would also worry about running out of electricity a large percentage of
which is made from oil and natural gas. We use electricity to handle
command and control. Considering the NIMBY effect, the US has built few
powerstations and is now building few LNG plants. It will be fun using
the energy we don't have. I am not quite so sanguine, but I do hope
Dennis is right.
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