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From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 21:55:35 EDT

Hi Howard,
As one who has seen this tax scam close up (in Britain) I find the
argument to be perfectly appalling to the poor. In the UK, with the high
petrol taxes, only the rich drive. The poor can be seen every winter
walking to work in the 80 mph blizzards and snow. Sometimes they are
seen trying to ride their bicycles on the slippery streets. [sarcastic
mode on] It was all great fun watching these people not drive as I drove
by in my warm automobile. They would slip and I would laugh as would all
the other rich bastards who were driving. And the high taxes had another
beneficial outcome. Companies couldn't afford to hire as many people,
so the poor couldn't work and got poorer, which of course was the rich
people's plan in the first place. [sarcastic mode off]
Howard, seeing the poor suffer from the misguided enviro-wacko taxes was
enough to make my blood boil. The poor in this country can get to jobs
via an automobile, just like I can. Sure they don't drive as nice a car,
but they can drive unlike in those countries with those oh so sensible
taxes. They don't educate, they punish.
As to using the money to produce alternative energies, most european
countries use it to support there absolutely worthless health care
systems in which it takes up to 2 years to get a heart bypass. If you
have epilepsy, it will take you a year to see a doctor. Go to the
dentist and all the government will pay for is to polish the fronts of
your top four teeth.
Besides, Howard, do you really think the government would provide you
with cheap energy? When have they ever provided cheap anything? If you
like the school system, you will love government energy. The problem
with the oil supply is two fold. First we are running out. Second, the
price of oil has been so low that there is little incentive to drill.
The oil industry has lost probably a million people in the last 20
years. These weren't all rich oil men. Some, like my wife's cousins were
a truck driver and a field hand.

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From: Howard J. Van Till []
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 7:10 AM
 If Value = Cost of Producing & Distributing, I agree. We are
probably paying the production & distribution costs + a reasonable

However, my point is that because oil is a finite and versatile natural
resource its actual Value >> Cost of Producing and Distributing. If our
generation simply uses it up for cheap and portable energy, our
grandchildren will have a perfect right to be really angry and to ask
why we had so little foresight. We will have used up the oil that they
will need for manufacturing all sorts of products - plastics, etc.

Consequently, I am inclined to say, go ahead and heap taxes on oil as a
way of educating people concerning the actual Value of oil as a finite
and versatile resource and spend that money on developing alternative
energy producing systems.

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