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>> 1. Yes, as Al Koop knows well, the US population has been
>> systematically (and tragically) "protected" from knowledge
>> of the actual value of oil.
> I disagree with this. We are paying the value of oil in our gasoline.
> The other countries are paying 60-80% taxes on their oil. The UK
> government made more per barrel than OPEC did, which meant when Tony
> Blair would jawbone OPEC to lower prices, they would laugh at him.


If Value = Cost of Producing & Distributing, I agree. We are probably
paying the production & distribution costs + a reasonable profit.

However, my point is that because oil is a finite and versatile natural
resource its actual Value >> Cost of Producing and Distributing. If our
generation simply uses it up for cheap and portable energy, our
grandchildren will have a perfect right to be really angry and to ask why we
had so little foresight. We will have used up the oil that they will need
for manufacturing all sorts of products ‹ plastics, etc.

Consequently, I am inclined to say, go ahead and heap taxes on oil as a way
of educating people concerning the actual Value of oil as a finite and
versatile resource and spend that money on developing alternative energy
producing systems.

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