Re: Peeved at the pump

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 08:37:19 EDT

On 5/13/04 12:47 AM, "Peter Ruest" <> wrote:

> Al Koop wrote:
> "... Gasoline just hit $2.08 and $2.09 for regular here in West Michigan..."
> Wow! Aren't you lucky! My last tank filling a few days ago, here in
> Switzerland, cost me $4.11 per US gallon of 95 octane unleaded. I don't
> think you could get it below $4 anywhere in Switzerland.

And Michael Roberts wrote:

> Don't make me laugh. Petrol as we properly call it is 80pence a litre, i.e.
> $1.40 . that is about $5.60 for a pint-sized US gallon.
> Still all cars which do less than 25 mpg should be taken off the road.
> Seriously.

1. Yes, as Al Koop knows well, the US population has been systematically
(and tragically) "protected" from knowledge of the actual value of oil.

2. The only way to effectively teach people who have been conditioned in
this way is to let the price of fuel rise at a fairly rapid rate. The
threshold of pain still seems to be lowest in the pocketbook area, and some
people respond only to pain.

3. Taking all fuel-inefficient cars off the road would probably stimulate
more energy consumption in the manufacturing of their replacements. Would it
not be better to simply limit or prohibit the production of new
fuel-inefficient cars? In time the old gas guzzlers would die off and be
dumped in the recycling bin.

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