Re: Why is the church always lagging?

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Subject: Why is the church always lagging?

> Why is the church -- the Christian church -- ALWAYS lagging in matters of
> basic morality?
> Friend wife and I were involved in the Civil Rights movement of the 60s.
> I was so often troubled by the elementary observation that so many of my
> conservative evangelical friends would not get involved -- saw "no
> problems of importance." In Wheaton Illinois, the "Christian centerfold"
> city, we had a program to bring inner city (African-American) youngsters
> to live in our city for a summer and attend a special summer school.
> College Church, where Carol and I attended, participated. So did the
> Catholic church. NOT ONE OTHER CHURCH in this "God-fearing" community
> gave us the time of day. People in our block, seeing a black child coming
> and going, were upset with us. There was one family on the block that
> gave us support and encouragement. They were not Christians.
> And so it goes. Eventually even my fundamentalist friends agreed that Jim
> Crow laws were a blight on society. But why did it take so long?
> Female suffrage? Same song, just 50 years earlier.
> Equal Rights Amendment. The yahoos defeated that one, claiming they were
> "fighting for Christ."
> The editorial referenced below has more on this subject.
> A columnist outlines the areas -- including civil rights, slavery and
> women's suffrage -- where the clergy has been on the wrong side of
> history,
> and hopes that they consider such experiences in response to the debate
> over same-sex marriage.

    OTOH, many of the clergy did take the lead in the establishment of
Prohibition - which turned out to be not such a hot idea.

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