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> Perhaps some of the active PCA folks on this list can update us on the
> current status of the debate in that denomination. I was part of a great
> PCA church in St. Louis for seven years ('91-'98) while I worked toward my
> PhD in evolutionary biology at Washington University. When I was being
> considered for deaconship, I had to work through this statement in the
> Confession. I said that I can agree with it because I considered the
> Confession's use of "6-days" to be a direct quotation from scripture, and
> therefore subject to the same issues of interpretation appropriate to the
> original scripture literature. God bless the pastor and elders of that
> church for understanding my reasoning and not disqualifying me from being a
> deacon. I served as deacon for 3 years, until I moved from St. Louis. I
> sometimes wonder what might have happened had I stayed and eventually been
> considered for eldership.

It depends on the church and presbytery. I've been approved twice as a deacon, but there are certainly people pushing for creation science to dictate the views held in the denomination, and there was a recent row over pastoral remarks relating to evolution; I do not know any details.

The PCA statement on creation is a bit schizophrenic, with some close echoes of problematic young earth/intelligent design mantras along with carefully crafted theological statements that contradict said mantras. The part of the committee that endorsed a young-earth view also endorsed creation science.

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