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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 13:22:56 EDT

> In discussions with citizens of Iran, a columnist gained knowledge he
> thinks would be appropriate for both President George W. Bush and the
> ayatollahs in Iran to hear: "When a religion is imposed on people, when a
> government tries too ostentatiously to put itself 'under God,' the effect
> is often not to prop up religious faith but to undermine it."

I'm dubious of the equating of Bush's and the ayatollahs' views. Some local atheists evidently regard public participation in religious activities by government officials as too ostentatious, based on the protest on the National Day of Prayer. Such efforts to exclude faith from the public sphere are attacks on the free speech and free assembly of religious people. Certainly state churches are often empty churches, and forced participation is a doubtful way to promote faith. However, to take a current issue, both mandating and banning the Pledge of Allegiance are impositions of a particular view.

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