Why is the church always lagging?

From: John W Burgeson <jwburgeson@juno.com>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 12:51:10 EDT

Why is the church -- the Christian church -- ALWAYS lagging in matters of
basic morality?

Friend wife and I were involved in the Civil Rights movement of the 60s.
I was so often troubled by the elementary observation that so many of my
conservative evangelical friends would not get involved -- saw "no
problems of importance." In Wheaton Illinois, the "Christian centerfold"
city, we had a program to bring inner city (African-American) youngsters
to live in our city for a summer and attend a special summer school.
College Church, where Carol and I attended, participated. So did the
Catholic church. NOT ONE OTHER CHURCH in this "God-fearing" community
gave us the time of day. People in our block, seeing a black child coming
and going, were upset with us. There was one family on the block that
gave us support and encouragement. They were not Christians.

And so it goes. Eventually even my fundamentalist friends agreed that Jim
Crow laws were a blight on society. But why did it take so long?

Female suffrage? Same song, just 50 years earlier.

Equal Rights Amendment. The yahoos defeated that one, claiming they were
"fighting for Christ."

The editorial referenced below has more on this subject.

A columnist outlines the areas -- including civil rights, slavery and
women's suffrage -- where the clergy has been on the wrong side of
and hopes that they consider such experiences in response to the debate
over same-sex marriage.


Ubi Caritas

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