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Sadly, it appears that more and more Christians (laypeople and leaders) are
being "forced" to pick a side in the YEC/non-YEC debate. Given the
propaganda of YEC and IDologists, it is not surprising that most feel
compelled to choose YEC. To some degree, it is understandable; most
laypeople and regular clergy can't be expected to be experts in this area
and have to take somebody's word for it.

In my opinion, things were better when most evangelicals just didn't think
about the issue at all; if you asked them, most would say they were young
earth and one original, specially created Adam, but they wouldn't worry
about sitting in the pew next to an evolutionary biologist. It just didn't
matter that much for day-to-day Christian living. I'd take that situation
over the current one any day.

Perhaps some of the active PCA folks on this list can update us on the
current status of the debate in that denomination. I was part of a great
PCA church in St. Louis for seven years ('91-'98) while I worked toward my
PhD in evolutionary biology at Washington University. When I was being
considered for deaconship, I had to work through this statement in the
Confession. I said that I can agree with it because I considered the
Confession's use of "6-days" to be a direct quotation from scripture, and
therefore subject to the same issues of interpretation appropriate to the
original scripture literature. God bless the pastor and elders of that
church for understanding my reasoning and not disqualifying me from being a
deacon. I served as deacon for 3 years, until I moved from St. Louis. I
sometimes wonder what might have happened had I stayed and eventually been
considered for eldership.


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Kennedy was not into YEC 25 years ago, at least he never preached about it
at that time. I'm not sure when his "conversion" occurred. I wonder
whether it is related to the view within the PCA (a view that the
denomination as a whole failed to adopt offiicially a few years ago), that
b/c the Westminster Confession and Calvin's Commentary on Genesis both
assume a literal creation week (surprise, virtually everyone in the 16th
17th centuries assumed a literal creation week), that the PCA needs to
this as official doctrine.

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