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From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 11:53:37 EDT


Our OPC church in Oregon used Evangelism Explosion materials for
evangelism training in the early 80's. Level III of that training
program involved learning to answer common objections to
Christianity. Evolution/science was among those "objections".
Kennedy's EE training material was hard-core YEC already back then.
It was the one piece of the whole program that I couldn't swallow or

No doubt the 17th century Presbyterians held to a young-earth, but
there's significant debate among conservative confession
Presbyterians today whether or not such a view is actually
incorporated into the Westminster Standards. That debate is reflected
in the PCA report (available at the ASA website at

Many (including myself) would argue that the Standards reflect the
language of scripture in a scientifically neutral way so that
whatever we understand scripture to mean is what the Standards mean
here. I don't believe Charles Hodge or B.B. Warfield (both fairly
narrow interpreters of the Westminster Standards) would have argued
that the Westminster Standards taught a young-earth. Today the
framework and analogical days views are seen by most to be consistent
with the Standards for the same reason.


>Kennedy was not into YEC 25 years ago, at least he never preached about it
>at that time. I'm not sure when his "conversion" occurred. I wonder
>whether it is related to the view within the PCA (a view that the
>denomination as a whole failed to adopt offiicially a few years ago), that
>b/c the Westminster Confession and Calvin's Commentary on Genesis both
>assume a literal creation week (surprise, virtually everyone in the 16th and
>17th centuries assumed a literal creation week), that the PCA needs to teach
>this as official doctrine.

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