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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 09:55:03 EDT

        A pastor who's a friend of mine described her experience at a large
Lutheran congregation whose senior pastor was a "great orator." After
listening to him preach for a few minutes she thought to herself, "He could
be reading from the phone book and it would sound good." After a few
minutes more she thought, "He might as well be reading from the phone book."
Mutatis mutandis, one might say the same thing about much of Kennedy's
preaching. (A member of my former parish was a fan of Kennedy and told me
once of Kennedy's use of the "NASA vindicates Joshua" fantasy. He thought
it was great and encouraged me to use it in a sermon.)

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> I caught the end of Sunday's Coral Ridge service broadcast. In the
personal message by Kennedy, he outlined his most recent request for funds -
a new creationist organization: Creation Science Institute (if I remember
rightly). He is hoping to raise 1M for a multidimensional organization -
museum, school programs, books, ... His voice is just like Ham's or
Morris' - evolution and an old earth are the source of all evil in America
> I am not surprised since Kennedy has taken strong stands on the YEC
position (unlike more recent "converts" like RC Sproul or John MacArthur).
I was a little surprised that he did not see fit to work WITH existing
organizations, but that probably is not be his MO.
> Comments ?
> Al McCarrick
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