James Kennedy's new initiative

From: Mccarrick Alan D CRPH <MccarrickAD@nswccd.navy.mil>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 08:16:25 EDT

I caught the end of Sunday's Coral Ridge service broadcast. In the personal message by Kennedy, he outlined his most recent request for funds - a new creationist organization: Creation Science Institute (if I remember rightly). He is hoping to raise 1M for a multidimensional organization - museum, school programs, books, ... His voice is just like Ham's or Morris' - evolution and an old earth are the source of all evil in America today.

I am not surprised since Kennedy has taken strong stands on the YEC position (unlike more recent "converts" like RC Sproul or John MacArthur). I was a little surprised that he did not see fit to work WITH existing organizations, but that probably is not be his MO.

Comments ?

Al McCarrick
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