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From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 16:37:41 EDT

On 5/11/04 1:37 PM, "Douglas Barber" <> wrote:

> An essay in today's Washington Post at
> (which refers to research findings which can be found at
> )
> suggests that teachers in most U.S. public schools today are in no
> position to teach much of anything, due to an overall breakdown of
> classroom order and a "culture of second-guessing" in which it is too
> risky for teachers to respond to disorder by the application of
> discipline. Perhaps, in the long view, militant secularism's cultural
> hegemony has undermined the ability of the public education resources it
> has captured to serve any intended purpose at all.

Sorry, but I fail to understand how you moved so swiftly from the situation
of bad behavior by a few students (and their defensive, shortsighted
parents) to assigning responsibility to "militant secularism's cultural
hegemony." I went to a small Christian school more than half a century ago
and the scene there was not that much different. My sixth grade teacher
resigned at mid-year, tired of it all. The sixth grade class following mine
ran its teacher into psychiatric treatment for a "nervous breakdown."
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