Out of Gas

From: John W Burgeson <jwburgeson@juno.com>
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 17:45:44 EDT

I just picked up and read David Goodstein's "semi-popular" book "OUT OF
GAS" (pub 2004) from the Durango public library.

Goodstein is a professor (physics) at Cal Tech.

I found the book informative -- a useful review of the physics of
thermodynamics I once thought I had learned -- and a reinforcement of
much of the messages Glenn and others have been espousing here. Only 137
pages long, it is an easy read on a Sunday afternoon, although a somewhat
depressing one.

Goodstein' book is in seven sections:

Introduction, in which he states clearly the problem and how he means to
address it

Chapter 1 The future

Chapter 2 Energy myths and the history of energy

Chapter 3 Electricity and Radiant energy (a short course in both history
and physics)

Chapter 4 Heat engines and Entropy (another short course in history and

Chapter 5 Technological fixes

Envoy: The future revisited

This one is good enough I've about decided to buy a copy of my own. It
is not "doom and gloom," neither is it "sweetness and light." The author
actually thinks that we MAY be able to cope with energy problems without
crashing civilization-as-we-know-it. But he thinks it will take some
political guts that to date have not been evident. And time to start
doing this is short -- very short.

Highly recommended.


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