Re: Oil: $182/barrel

From: wallyshoes <>
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 03:35:04 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:

> Yes, Walter, this is doom and gloom. We need to solve the fusion
> problem. I will report on what I hear tomorrow sometime next week.

I am looking forward to that.

Hey Glenn, I never said that "gloom and doom" meant that it was incorrect .
It is just gloom and doom, and is probably correct. I would say several

1.) The fission solution is with us today. The comments that you have made
against it probably apply to fusion as well, once the details become known.
Ignoring the fission solution is bad and I predict that fission will rise
again -- well before fusion is solved.

2.) In my industry, we faced the same situation about people retiring. So it

just happened (inevitable) and the companies survived (barely) with less
knowledgeable individuals. Life is full of unpleasant events.

3.) We are used to things getting better and better due to technology. We
may well have to live through a period of worsening times. I am actually
gloomier about the future than you are in that I fully expect a potentially
horrible future to be inevitable. Many years ago, Forrester of MIT wrote an
article (circa 1970) on the "Counterintuitive Behaviour of Social Systems".
The disasters that probably lie before us (including the decline of natural
resources) may be seen in his paper at:

I can easily out gloom and doom you, Glenn, because you are focused on oil.

I can join Forrester and gloom it out on many fronts at once.

I think that we need a number of changes in worlds lifestyles. Sometimes we

think that we can really solve the world's problems by our human skills
only, when what God wants is for us to turn to Him (IMO).


Walt Hicks <>

In any consistent theory, there must
exist true but not provable statements.
(Godel's Theorem)

You can only find the truth with logic
If you have already found the truth
without it. (G.K. Chesterton)
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