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Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 18:11:54 EDT

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> Bill wrote:
> >>Might it not be that God's primary interaction with the world is in his
> dealings with mankind? >>
> That is the idea that makes the most sense to me. I know His interactions
> with me; to a lessor extant those with my wife. Interactions with the
> inanimate world (wine at Cana and such), except for the days 200 years
> ago, seem to be rarities.

Bill & Burgy -
        Is this really what you want to say - that God only rarely
"interacts" with the world beyond the human race? Do you mean "intervenes"?
With whatever model of divine action one uses, other than a "clockmaker"
one, God is "interacting" with the whole world &/or all parts of it all the
time. "Intervention," in the sense that God directly "breaks into" the
usual course of natural processes, would be one form of interaction but by
no means the only one. I would agree that there is no reason to think that
in that sense God intervenes beyond the scope of humanity - & rarely then.

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