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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 11:05:14 EDT
Don Winterstein wrote:
Can't say for sure your reading is not correct, but Peter Ruest and I appear to differ with most on this forum in believing that living physical beings are just too darn complicated to have emerged in all their messy glory entirely through the functioning of natural processes without some explicit intervention from God.

The first verse of Genesis tells us that much.  It would be curious to believe that God created a planet capable of sustaining life but was caught off guard completely when life suddenly emerged.  Life appeared on earth about as soon as the earth could provide a viable habitat.  I think most of us on this list would say that our Creator-God had a hand in that directly or indirectly.  And although we all have philosophical positions, I don't think any of us knows for sure whether God simply created a fertile environment in the beginning or whether He sweated over a bunsen burner for billions of years.

 Peter (if I understand correctly) believes the input was in the form of persuasion, whatever that means, while I'm drifting towards a belief in the need for some form of coercion--making stuff do what it ordinarily would not have been capable of doing. 
I must confess I've been influenced by some of the presentations by ID people at a recent conference at Biola.  They effectively made the point of high complexity in living cells, etc.  My emotional response was, "Here's proof that God had to have done it!"  But emotional proof unfortunately is not scientific proof.

ID says that a Creator was actively stirring the pot at critical junctions so that organisms can perform necessary biological functions, or develop novel adaptations, or speciate - and left no trace of His divine interventions!  In fact, He had to have taken great pains to make it appear to be attributable to natural processes.  And why after countless interventions did we wind up with junk DNA, genetic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, insect pests?

Call me a heretic if you like, but had God asked me when He created mosquitoes and chiggers we wouldn't have any today.  In other words, if God was active in the process, He could have done a better job.  Did you hear any of that at Biola?

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