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I have an essay in this book, "Is there a Christian History of Science?"

In spite of this, the rest of the book is very interesting!


attached mail follows:

Scholarship and Christian Faith: Enlarging the Conversation
by Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen
Oxford University Press, 2004

  This landmark study raises the discussion of scholarship and Christian faith
to a new level. The defensiveness that pervades so many publications in this
field is jettisoned and a new positive, multi-dimensional definition of
Christian scholarship is advanced. This vision of scholarship respects the
insights of different Christian traditions (e.g., Catholic, Pentecostal,
Reformed, Anabaptist, Wesleyan) and of different academic disciplines.

Those working in the field of religion and science will find much here to help
them in their endeavors. Rather than putting forward a narrow proposal, this
book adopts a broad approach to faith and academic study that opens new ways of
exploring connections between science and faith.

In many ways, this book models what Sir John Templeton means when he talks about
adopting a humble approach in the search for linkages between science and faith.
  The final paragraph of the book speaks about the importance of "inhabitable
truth, humble confidence, and relational trust," and then concludes by saying
that is precisely "what the grand conversation of scholarship and Christian
faith is all about: not simply knowing things, but also being known. Not
claiming the truth as if we owned it, but living in truth and toward truth as a
style of life. Not holding on to our current views as if they defined knowledge
for all time, but sharing our ideas and ideals with others in the confidence
that they will come back to us in improved form. It is precisely that spirit of
hope and trust which both undergirds us and beckons us forward in the ongoing
conversation of Christian scholarship."

What others are saying about Scholarship and Christian Faith:

"Wise and compelling, fresh and creative, this book helps us think in
bold new ways about the relation between Christian faith and secular
learning. Mounting a strong critique of the integrationist model that
has dominated the conversation about faith and learning in recent
years, this book lays out a powerful argument that the work of the
Christian scholar is first of all the constructive work of building
bridges--bridges that link the life of the mind to the life of the
heart, bridges that reach from Christian learning to secular learning,
and bridges that tie learning not only to faith, but to hope and love
as well. Here is a book to be savored."
--Richard T. Hughes, author of How Christian Faith Can Sustain the
Life of the Mind

"This book will advance and appreciably enlarge the nationalconversation about
the character of Christian scholarship. Its lively
'configural' organization exemplifies what it recommends: creative
exchanges among faculty members, each of whom belongs concurrently to
multiple communities of belief and discursive practice. The tangled
but often productive relationships between religious conviction and
open inquiry have seldom been so well displayed and so thoughtfully
--Mark Schwehn, author of Exiles from Eden: Religion and the Academic
Vocation in America

"Scholarship and Christian Faith adds rarely heard Anabaptist and
evangelical voices to the expanding dialogue about Christian faith,
higher education and the intellectual life. The Jacobsens and their
friends, whose conversations created this book, are refreshingly
realistic, pastoral, and constructive, pushing beyond too easy appeals
for 'integration' to confront questions of faith formation,
curriculum, and religious practice. Serious, reflective Christians
will find this book useful and at times inspiring."
--David J. O'Brien, author of From the Heart of the American Church:
Catholic Higher Education and American Culture

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