Re: Solomon's 'molten sea' revisited

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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 05:04:16 EDT

David Bowman wrote:

> [How] do you suppose that the craftsmen who built or at least
> measured this object could successfully wrap a measuring line of 30
> cubits around the *inner* circumference of the sea?

Not to get too mired in this but....

That __might__ be reasonable: in making a bronze cast,
you would have to measure out the inner part of the
sea to make the inner part of the mold. If it was important
to you how long to make the inner circumference, you would
make that part first and then you could build the sea
first as a wax cast, surround that with a mortar or a fine
well-packed sand, and finally pour in the hot bronze.
Presumably, you would have the inner region upside
down, and build your cast around that so that you would
end up with a single bowl without having to fix any casting

But clearly, one would expect that the artisans were
well aware that there was some kind of "fudge factor"
in such measurements and I'm sure it didn't bother them.
Frankly, I would have been more inclined to assume the
midpoint myself since the specifications are not all that

I'm sure none of us (including Michael) particularly appreciate
these atheist rants, but I would encourage Vernon not to stoop
to the same level by reacting to it. Anyone who is really interested
in engaging in genuine dialogue will make some real effort __to__
dialogue. Otherwise, you're merely exchanging propaganda and
slogans. Preaching Christ's gospel begins by doing it. That is really
hard, but He never said a mumbling word.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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