Re: Solomon's 'molten sea' revisited

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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 17:40:39 EDT

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> Don and Michael,
> I am surprised that you regard this as a trifling matter. You must surely
> aware that The Sunday Telegraph correspondent (part of whose letter I
> quoted) is but one of a multitude of 'clever people' who delight in
> undermining the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures and the Gospel message. They
> quote 1Kings 7:23 as proof positive that they are correct, and undoubtedly
> take heart from the fact that Christians like yourselves - though blessed
> with keen mental faculties - are prepared to yield the ground. It
> gives one a lot to think about!

    Pi is 3 to one significant figure. There is no "error" here & only a
fool would make a public claim that there is. It is just as silly to waste
time trying to produce some complicated argument to show that the biblical
writer "really" knew pi more precisely. Surely you realize that your
argument will not convince such a person (or anyone impressed by his claim)
& that he'll just go on to find some other excuse for his views of the
Bible. Jesus is quite explicit about the fact that if people won't hear the
gospel we're not to keep hammering at them with it but shake the dust off
our feet & move on. Get a life, Vernon.


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