RE: Saudi oil field declines.

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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 06:26:27 EDT

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> Is it always all "gloom and doom" with you, Glenn?

No, see my post 'Fusion???" on March 14th or my post in 'The Hydrogen
economy thread (4-26) a few days ago about fusion, which you doomed and
gloomed to death with your comment about not being able to get the
deuterium. So occasionally it is you.

As to doom and gloom about oil, I can be cheery. I can lie as in the
following sentence. There is enough oil to last a thousand years and we
humans will grow fat, with big brains living off the fat of the land.

Or, even more cheery (and most likely true) to my personal finances is
this: Oil will get very scarce and lots of money will be spent on the
search for new supplies. The demand for geophysicists, who are few in
number, will rise through the roof and salaries, bonuses and overrides
will also go through the roof making all geoscientists and engineers in
the oil industry very very well off.

Do you feel better now?

Wally, even the most wild-eyed optimists, the USGS, whose estimation of
the ultimate oil reserves no one but them believes, say that oil
production will peak in 2020. Their number is 1/3 higher than the
average estimation of reserves. That only moves the peak back by 16
years. Hiding your head under that bushel basket you like won't change
anything. Finding a realistic new energy source might.
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