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From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 20:19:46 EDT

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> Glenn Morton wrote:
> > Take the Flood account. It must be based upon a real
> history. It can't
> > have been made up whole cloth. I don't care if Noah took 2 or 200
> > pairs of each kind on the ark. Details can be wrong, but
> there must be
> > a real history behind it.
> Glenn -
> Fear not, I won't open up round 146 of our standard
> debate. But there seems to
> be some tension between what you say here & your rejection of
> the idea that the biblical
> flood narrative makes use of traditions of a Mesopotamian
> flood. You've said, if I
> remember correctly, that that can't be because the flood
> waters would have drained in
> the wrong direction, away from Ararat. But if "details can
> be wrong", so what? As long
> as there was a flood & one guy & his family & some animals in
> a boat were the only
> survivors in the area (whatever area that might be) then it
> seems to me that your
> criterion for "real history" would be satisfied.

I will agree with you that there is some tension. But there is also
tension in believing there is a divine message in that which is patently
false. I call that tension, self-deception. I feel that kind of tension
more strongly than the brand you mention above. But what you point out
is exactly why I have never placed the flood in Mesopotamia. There must
be some history which is capable of being real. The Mesopotamian flood
has no shot whatsoever. See my PSCF article.

Go back to the great debate I had on the ASA list with Dick Fischer in
96, if those archives are still around. I pointed out to Dick that a
Mesopotamian flood which would move someone from near the coast of the
Persian Gulf to the foot hills of Turkey would require either a solid
wall of water 2500 feet high on the southern end of the Mesopotamian
basin, or a huge dam, or a violation of the laws of physics. If we have
to have the laws of physics change, we can call it a miracle, but if we
have to believe there is a message is such absurdity as the flood as
conceived by most in the ASA, then logic has flown the koop. Just my
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