Re: Coercion

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 09:58:39 EDT

I had said:
>> The change in tone here is simply a product of my continuing thought
> on your
>> proposal and how it might contribute to our reflection on some issues of
>> divine action in the world to which science has empirical access.

Peter replied:
> Again, something in your formulation mystifies me. Aren't we discussing
> issues of divine action to which science does _not_ have any empirical
> access?

There seems to be an ambiguity in what I said. The words "to which science
has empirical access" apply, not to "divine action," but to "the world."

> RFEP refers to the initial act of God's creating the universe.

Not necessarily. RFEP says, in effect, that the formational economy of the
universe is sufficiently robust to make possible the formational history of
the entire universe (including all physical structures and biotic forms that
are a part of that history) by natural means without need for occasional
episodes of coercive divine action (supernatural intervention) in the course
of time. As stated, it says nothing about how the universe came to have that
character. Neither does it say anything (pro or con) about non-coercive
divine action at any time. Those matters, important though they may be, are
beyond the scope of the RFEP.

I'll get to the rest later, as time permits.

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