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Someone in our development office saw this announcement on LexisNexis this
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HEADLINE: Kansas State University
  Scholars to discuss human evolution in K-State presentations



    The broad theme of "Human Evolution and Human Nature: Historical,
and Theological Perspectives" will be discussed in separate presentations
by two
visiting scholars at Kansas State University.

    Edward Davis, professor of the history of science at Messiah College
Grantham, Pa., and Warren Brown, professor of psychology at the Fuller
Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., will both present departmental
seminars and public lectures at K-State. Their presentations are being
through funding from the Templeton Foundation.

    All of the presentations are free and open to the public. Public
will be in the Cat's Pause Lounge at the K-State Student Union following
scholar's evening presentation.

    Davis' presentations will be Thursday, April 29, and include a K-State
department of geology seminar, "Reading the Book of Nature: Natural History
19th Century New England," at 4 p.m. in 213 Thompson Hall, and the public
lecture, "Evolution and the Image of God: Historical Reflections on
Morality and Human Nature," at 7 p.m. in the Main and West Ballrooms of
K-State Student Union. In his lecture, Davis will survey 150 years of
responses to evolution. He will discuss various reasons why human evolution
been embraced by some Christians and rejected by others.

    Both of Brown's presentations will be Friday, April 30. He will present
joint department of psychology and department of philosophy seminar,
and Social Neuroscience of the Corpus Callosum: Studies of Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum," at 3: 30 p.m. in 5102 Bluemont Hall. His public lecture,
at 7
p.m. in the Little Theatre at the K-State Student Union, will be "Whatever
Happened to the Soul: Finding Resonance Between Neuroscience, Evolutionary
Biology and Theology." The presentation will examine the problem created
body-soul dualism in the reconciliation of neuroscience and evolutionary
with Judeo-Christian theology.

    Davis is most known for his work on early modern science. He co-edited
Works of Robert Boyle" and "Robert Boyle: A Free Enquiry Into the Vulgarly
Received Notion of Nature." He has written several articles and reviews on
history of religion and science in America. He also is the editor of "The
Antievolution Pamphlets of Harry Rimmer." Davis is writing a book about
religious beliefs of prominent American scientists in the 1920s.

    Brown conducts laboratory research in neuropsychology, studying the
contribution of interactions between the right and left cerebral
hemispheres to
human cognition. He is most actively involved in studying the cognitive
psychosocial disabilities in congenital brain malformation called agenesis
the corpus callosum. Brown is the editor of two recent books: "Whatever
to the Soul: Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature," edited
Nancey Murphy and Newton Malony; and "Understanding Wisdom: Sources,
Science and
Society." Brown serves as director of the Lee Edward Travis Research
at the seminary and also is a member of the University of California at
Angeles Brain Research Institute. He is a recipient of the seminary's C.

    Davis Weyerhaeuser Award for Teaching Excellence and a National
Institute of
Mental Health Research Career Development Award.

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