Re: FW: YEC Destroying Faith

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 08:03:52 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:

> Take the Flood account. It must be based upon a real history. It can't
> have been made up whole cloth. I don't care if Noah took 2 or 200 pairs
> of each kind on the ark. Details can be wrong, but there must be a real
> history behind it.

Glenn -
        Fear not, I won't open up round 146 of our standard debate. But there seems to
be some tension between what you say here & your rejection of the idea that the biblical
flood narrative makes use of traditions of a Mesopotamian flood. You've said, if I
remember correctly, that that can't be because the flood waters would have drained in
the wrong direction, away from Ararat. But if "details can be wrong", so what? As long
as there was a flood & one guy & his family & some animals in a boat were the only
survivors in the area (whatever area that might be) then it seems to me that your
criterion for "real history" would be satisfied.


George L. Murphy
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