Re: Dembski on the backlash against ID

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 13:52:56 EDT

Thanks Jack I nearly e-mailed you for your opinion which is what I expected.

My opinion of Dembksi has plummeted over this.

I do wish Johnson would stop misrepresenting evolution/Darwinism to prove his case

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  As a participant in the event, I'd like to offer another spin on the Miller response to

  Picking up Paul's account......

  "....question-and-answer period. For several minutes, Miller read from notes and, in bullet-point fashion,
  listed the faults that he found in Johnson's program. There was no way, in the allotted time, for Johnson to
  respond adequately to Miller's many objections. Thus, after Miller finished, Johnson simply remarked
  that he and Miller saw things differently. At this, Miller burst into tears and ran out of the auditorium."

  "To Johnson's supporters, Miller's tears amounted to a histrionic display not worthy of reasoned discourse
  in an academic setting. Yet that misses the point -- the appeal of tears is not to logos but to pathos. Moved by his tears, several members in the audience rallied around Miller to console him. Further, they cast Johnson as a villain...."

  I and a number of those around me were stunned by what we saw as Johnson's arrogance in refusing to
  answer any of the objections that Miller had carefully listed. Miller, as a practicing scientist scientist feels deeply about his calling and the way he reads nature. To have a lawyer treat him with such disdain could have provoked a lot more disruptive behavior than we observed. However, we did learn something more of Johnson's character.

  The value of 'ID" will not be decided by the character of exponents or critics. But it would behoove Christians to be more sensitive to the effects of our rhetoric - both formally and informally.

  Jack Haas
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