Re: Hydrogen economy

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 15:02:35 EDT

>>Soil is not an endless resource, either. It needs to be factored in
these bio-energy budgets, too.>>

Nothing is an endless resource, of course. At some point we will have
used up all the earth's resources, each coming to an end at a different
time. Coal, oil, humus, gas, you name it.

What we are arguing about is HOW FAST this will happen. Do we have
another 1000 or so years? If so, interplanetary exploration MAY be able
to help push the day of reckoning forward some. Do we have 100 years? Do
we have even 10 years?
 I am in agreement with Glenn that the only known possibility appears to
be nuclear fusion if we are seriously to consider 1000 years rather than

Just take topsoil. Each year some is made. Each year more is used up.
Which do you think is the freater of these two? By how much?

Burgy (a story to tell)

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