Re: Coercion

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 13:05:14 EDT

On 4/22/04 12:40 PM, "Terry M. Gray" <> wrote:

> Howard,
> As you might imagine, I have very little to say in response. We have
> very little in common methodologically. My insistence on an
> authoritative text and your rejection of an authoritative text puts
> us at a serious impasse on the particular questions at hand (God's
> interaction with the world and theodicy).

.....Skip a large and well crafted section......

> I do commend you for "owning" your theology (even if I think you're
> mistaken). Merely repeating our parents' or church fathers' views
> seems to me as well to be a shallow faith. Whether it's better than a
> faith built on falsehoods...well, I guess I can leave that to God. (I
> know you'll all think that it's good of me to do that!). It seems to
> me that both sincerity and truth are required.


Thanks for your carefully crafted response. I think you have clearly
articulated the differences in our approaches, and I thank you and the rest
of the members of this list for tolerating my expression of a viewpoint that
few on this list share. I will probably do this again from time to time, but
for now I'm content to let it draw to a an end in the spirit of mutual

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