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From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 11:31:26 EDT

On 4/22/04 10:41 AM, "Graham E. Morbey" <> wrote:

> It seems to me that both Josh and Howard have an anchor. What the anchor does
> for Josh, the anchor also does for Howard. The anchor allows for a journey
> between birth and death. Some get a longer anchor chain and some get a shorter
> one. But both share some limits and some restrictions because of the chain.
> The anchor of course is God - Creator and Redeemer. The question is, has The
> Sacred spoken, lisped, only from a distance (transcendent) or also as a human
> being (immanent) The Sacred with us - as Jesus of Nazareth? There is no logic
> that rules out, somewhere along the journey between life and death, giving an
> affirmative answer to the claims of Jesus as understood by a specific
> historically developing community. And there is no logic that prevents that
> affirmation from being wonderfully freeing rather than narrowly stagnating.
> And yes, I did "heighten" Josh's metaphor.
Hi Graham,

If the anchor (or that to which the anchor holds fast) is God, the Sacred,
well and good, of course. I certainly do not wish to talk anyone out of
that. What I observe all too often, however, is the situation in which
people choose to anchor their concept and speech about God in the loose
bottom soil of humanly-crafted God concepts from the past. (I compared it to
anchoring science in the writings of Aristotle, with no means of moving
forward.) Thatıs why I prefer the journey metaphor to the anchor metaphor.
I choose to ³journey as they journeyed,² not merely ³say as they said.²

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