Re: Dembski on the backlash against ID

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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 11:29:09 EDT

Loren Haarsma wrote:

> It reminds readers of the distorting effects of
> power on discussions. Those who are in power, whether due to position or
> popular support or both, who don't like what their opponents are saying
> but don't immediately have a reasoned response to their opponents, can
> (and often do) use their power to shut down debate.

I agree with you here. Perhaps most of us have observed
or experienced occasions where scientists who should have
known better have at times exploited their authority to shirk
the real effort of critical thinking.

PJ is a very powerful spokesman for ID, yet has often resorted
to vituperation. No question, this list (including myself), is not
without sin there either. We can argue about who started it,
but the more important question is "who will finally have the
Christlike courage to stop it"?

by Grace alone we proceed,
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